2016 Tails on the Trails
Family Pet Walk
Donate. Walk. Celebrate.

Something as simple as a walk becomes so much more when you share it with your companion animal - and even better yet when you share it with your animal–loving community!

Celebrate the special bond you share with your pet, while also helping the Beaver County Humane Society care for animals in need.

Begin raising funds now and get ready for the one event your pet looks forward to every bit as much as you. 

Sunday, September 25, 2016
Registration: 11:00am - 12:30pm
Contests Begin: 12:30pm
Pet Walk: 1:45pm - 3:00pm
and LOTS more fun!

Brady's Run Park - Shelter #7
Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

Proceeds provide care and hope for domestic animals through
Beaver County Humane Society

Would you like to participate as a vendor in our fair
or sponsor our event? 

Sponsorship Opportunities Available!


GOAL: $15,000.00
Raised: $4,857.00
Registrants Activity
Cassie Andres$75.00
Frank Arthur $0.00
Autumn Ashurst$0.00
Cheryl Bargerstock$0.00
Deanna Bautti$0.00
Jim Braner$0.00
Kylie Brinza$0.00
Emily Clutter$75.00
Andrea Cook$310.00
Danielle Cordes$100.00
Brigid Darbut$0.00
Sarah Davies$35.00
Nancy Deshmukh$0.00
Theresa Diday$150.00
Michael Dixon$80.00
Sonya Domaracki$5.00
Anita Duffy$50.00
Shelley Dupree$0.00
Jocelyn Falconer$0.00
Amber Feltenberg$0.00
Peggy Gabrich$25.00
Heather Gembarosky$25.00
Jennifer Gordon$0.00
Phyllis Gordon$0.00
Aimee Gordon Jones$0.00
Lisa Hammon$0.00
Autumn Harris$75.00
Lindsey Jarvis$0.00
Kamela Johnston$20.00
Dusty Knight$0.00
Anne Lehman$0.00
Emmaline Little$275.00
Bethany Lynch$0.00
Aaron Maier$75.00
Kelly McLean$1,120.00
James Minamyer$0.00
Stephanie Minamyer$75.00
Donna Myers$0.00
Chelsey Parisi-Brognano$75.00
Kera Recce$75.00
Erine Scheer$75.00
Ricki Schultz$25.00
David Seidl$75.00
Debbie Shaner$25.00
Sarah Shaner$0.00
Jennifer Singleton$50.00
Karla Tammaro$70.00
Mindy Thys$145.00
Marissa Ulmer $75.00
Diane Vular$60.00
Olivia Weiland$2.00
Megan Why$0.00
Brett Wittebort$1,020.00
Elie Zajac$130.00
Teams Activity
Barkley's Brigade$100.00
Buddy's Squad$25.00
Famous Seamus and Friends$75.00
Franco's Friends$50.00
Little Weiners$75.00
Mindy Thys$145.00
Paislee's Posse$45.00
Patty the Arson K9$75.00
Ricki the Rockstar$25.00
Sadie's pack$75.00
Sassy Mokey$100.00
Stevie's Second Chance$75.00
Sup Dog$75.00
Team $20.00
Team Booberry$75.00
Team Tigger$0.00
The Bob Barkers$0.00
The Hezleps$75.00
The Pound Hounds$275.00
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